A Stationary Odyssey

Sunday, March 18, 2007

My in-laws are back on the house hunt. After getting the inspection report, they were concerned about the cost of making changes to the house, and the seller decided not to accept their revised offer. So, they are looking again. Ah, well.

The weather has been crazy the last few days. Last week, it was 60 degrees F, last night we got almost a foot of snow, and it will be 60 again next weekend. At least the new sump pump is working well.

In other news, we were given a TiVo machine and subscription by our friends John and Jane. Its really fun, and you can walk away from the TV and come back and watch the show again from where you left off. You can also record movies and shows that are on in the middle of the night, and watch them when you feel like it.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Laurie at 37 weeks.

Earlier, I posted the first picture from the ultrasound. That was at about 11 1/2 weeks. You couldn't hardly tell Laurie was pregnant. This is the other end of things, with the baby due officially in three weeks. The midwife said that it could really come at any time and be considered full term. Looking at her, you'd believe that. We have our car seat and all the recommended supplies, so we're ready. We only need to wait for the baby to decide its ready, and that's fine.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

The weather is finally beginning to warm up, and snow is starting to melt. The early switch to daylight savings time took me by surprise, and it wasn't until I saw my brother's blog that I remembered.

I've been making some more progress on my genealogy research. One branch of Laurie's family seemed to like living on French tropical islands. This distinguished lady, Elizabeth Boisson De La Rousseliere, lived on Reunion, in the Indian Ocean near Mauritius. She was the Major's great grandmother. Others lived in the French Antilles, including one that was an early French explorer of Martinique, Domenica, and Guadeloupe. His name was Guillaume d'Orange, and he was sent on his exploration by the French governor in about 1631. I'm going to try to find a book about the colonization of Guadeloupe and see if I can learn more.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

News Flash!

Laurie went to see the midwife this morning, and the baby is starting to drop. Everything is right on schedule. For all those things we said, "We have time, so we'll do it later," its now later.

My in-laws' new house.

Richard and Madeleine have made an offer on this house which has been accepted. Its over in Community Corners, walking distance to shops, restaurants, banks, a florist, a barber shop and a salon, and all that, plus is very close to the mall (but not really walkable). Its got a nice big living room and three bedrooms, so it should work out really well for them.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Saratoga Springs in winter.
On the way back from Boston, we stopped and saw Laurie's aunt in Saratoga. This is one of the springs in High Rock, either the Governor or the Peerless. One is said to be "mild" or some other innocuous description, but they were both pretty nasty and sulfurous. Laurie tried one once several years ago, and refuses to ever drink from it again (for good reason). But, the ice on the fountain looked great, and I always like to take a litle sip when we go by.