A Stationary Odyssey

Friday, December 02, 2011

It has been almost a full year since I posted, which is surprising in some ways and not so surprising in others. I've completed my three-year term at Ithaca College, and am now teaching at SUNY Cortland. The faculty, students, and facilities are great, and there may be on-going work there, which would be nice. I'm also taking pictures of cuneiform tablets at Cornell, which is an interesting job if a bit outside what I've been doing for the last, oh, twenty years. At Cortland, I've been working in the ceramic studio with Jeremiah Donovan again, which is fabulous. I've made a few pieces, and the kiln was just fired yesterday with a number of pieces of mine. I'll try to get a picture up after they are out of the kiln.

We've been making some cheese, and tried a "white-mold" cheese, this one based on a chevre-style goat cheese. It took a while for it to develop, but wow, was it good. I'll make some more soon, but cow's milk since I just picked up a gallon from Jerry Dell Farm.