A Stationary Odyssey

Sunday, April 01, 2012

It has been a busy few months. I'm teaching The Anthropology of Gender at SUNY Cortland, which is making me think about some of my other classes I have taught and how I would tweak them. I generally talk about gender issues anyway, but more research is always a spur to new teaching ideas, and a new class always requires some research.

In other news, I stopped and did a tasting at Bacchus Brewing in Dryden, the local area's newest microbrewery. The Blonde and the Red Rye ales are good, but the India Pale Ale is the best I've ever had. Rather than simply a strong, bitter ale, the hop florals in this are front and center, which I really like. I met the master brewer, Christina Poulos, and she said she had been working on it for eight years. The hard work shows. Their beers are available at a few local places, and at the Brewery.