A Stationary Odyssey

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Happy Autumn! Sadly, the image above is from two years ago, and there were no fringed gentian to be found this year. I didn't see any at Cornell's land, either, so something in the winter weather two years ago seems to have killed off the gentian, probably a warm spell followed by record cold. We sold the house where this picture was taken, but I did save some seed from the last year things bloomed. We'll see if the seed is still good.

Today, we close on the parcel of land at the farm!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Five months. Emma turned five months old last week, but I've been working furiously on a project for the last two weeks so I didn't get the picture up on the day. The picture on the day is below; the picture above was today, with her first dress. She is doing remarkably well, and is trying to sit up but without much success yet. She is lifting her head and looking around, so it can't be that long before she starts.

Today, we spent an hour down at Myers Point, the town park on Cayuga Lake. Emma napped through most of it (yay!), and it was beautiful. The sun was out, there was a light breeze, and it was in the low-mid seventies. This is one of the reasons to live around here.

The water was brilliantly clear, with very light waves. I caught a wave in motion with the pebbles below, and the glittering lines of sun casting stripes on the lake bottom.