A Stationary Odyssey

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Emma enjoyed her first Christmas, and has been playing with her new toys. The rattle and the blocks are quite popular. (Lots of pictures today.)

We had a wonderful day yesterday, but this morning we received our gift from Emma: a full night's sleep. I awoke this morning to little sounds emanating from the crib, "meh...buh...deh." I listened for a few moments, then Laurie woke up and said, "She's not crying," then, a moment later, "Its light out." I put on my glasses and looked at the clock. "Its seven-thirty." We couldn't have asked for a nicer gift from our daughter.

Here are a few older pictures, since its been so long since I posted.

The seven-month smile.

Her new high chair is a hit!

Standing! This is the first time she stood up without being held. She grabbed the edge of the couch and pulled herself up. She does it all the time now.